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EST affiliate and right hand man to Machine Gun Kelly, Dub-O, drops his new mixtape, Do I Know You? 

This 12-track mixtape features an appearance from MGK on one of the latter tracks, but for the most part the kid goes for self on this debut tape. The Cleveland, Ohio native has been recording with the EST click since they broke out years ago, so with Lace Up finally out it’s looking like it’s Dub-O’s turn.

If you are digging it, let it be known. Check out the Do I Know You mixtape down below.

01. Dub-O – Don’t Get Me Started (3:22)

02. Dub-O – 2’S Up (3:23)

03. Dub-O – On Deck (3:11)

04. Dub-O – We Ride (3:36)

05. Dub-O – Same Ol’ (3:25)

06. Dub-O – Chill On 100 (3:56)

07. Dub-O – Moves To Make (4:01)

08. Dub-O – Made It (4:14)

09. Dub-O – Like This (3:36)

10. Dub-O – Paid (3:38)

11. Dub-O – Hy For Dayz (4:05)

12. Dub-O – EST 4 Life (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly & DJ Xplosive) (2:53)

DOWNLOAD: Dub-O – Do I Know You?


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