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A group in Sweden is against Chris Brown performing in the country and has put up posters of Rihanna’s battered face to get their point across. The images were put up in place of a promotional photos of Brown just ahead of his show scheduled for next week, in Stockholm.

The unknown group have turned the photos into a full scale promotional effort writing the words “Buy your ticket at Ticketmaster Sweden” underneath the Rihanna picture.

Spg Live/Sureplansgruppen, the company promoting the show has asked the public to “distinguish between the artist and the private person that is Chris Brown.” The company explained that booking Brown was based on his popularity in the country.

Following the 2009 assault on Rihanna, which erupted after music executive Clive Davis’ annual Grammy party, Brown has tried hard to get back in the public’s good graces. More than three years later, the 23-year-old has yet to live the incident down, but has found support in the form of Rihanna. After breaking up the two went their separate ways for a time, but have since started a friendship and are collaborating on the track “Nobody’s Business,” off the Bajan beauty’s forthcoming Unapologetic album.

Although Brown no longer publicly speaks on the incident he’s not completely immune to leftover backlash. In the summer an organization in the UK placed “this man beats women” stickers over copies of his Fortune CD.

Brown has publicly apologized for the physical attack, and completed much of the legal punishments brought on by the altercation. Of his international tour, the 23-year-old told E! News that he plans on raising the bar as a thank you to fans that have stuck by him throughout the personal issues that have spilled over into his professional life.


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