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For years now Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi have been embroiled in a weird and unnecessary beef, and though the former seems ready to bury the hatchet and move on from the conflict, Lupe Fiasco isn’t letting anything go too easily.

Over the weekend, Cudi tried to take the high road and attempted to squash the drama between the two rappers by taking to X, formerly Twitter, and apologizing to Lupe saying that he “love’s” him and hopes he can “find it in ur heart to get past this.” He even went out on a limb and told his fans that Lupe actually “love me y’all don’t get it twisted” and that the Chicago rapper is only “beefin’ w himself at this point.”

Seems like those kindish words weren’t enough for Lupe to accept the olive branch that Cudi extended. He responded on X saying, “this ain’t enough…you need to talk to me.” Obviously Lupe wants to air out the situation personally (privately?) with Cudi. Cudder also publicly said he sent him a DM, which left fans scratching their heads.

Thankfully for everyone, the two apparently did actually get on the horn and hashed things out with Cudi tweeting, “Just talked to Lupe. Had a great talk. I know I was wrong and told him I shouldn’t have did that f*ck sh*t I did.” Lupe responded to the tweet with his own two cents saying, “Sincerely appreciate it my guy… peace & blessings.”

The “f*ck sh*t” that Cudi is referring to is when he criticized Lupe for offering fans a personalized verse for $500 a decade ago. While it seems like such a small thing to break a friendship over, whenever you knock someone’s hustle, expect some kind of repercussion to follow.

Still, we’re glad to see the two back in each other’s good graces. Maybe we’ll get a collaboration track from the two sometime in the future.

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