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Lupe Fiasco enjoys one of the most supportive fan bases in Hip-Hop, and now he’s going to test that loyalty via their pockets. The Chicago rap star will give his listeners a personal piece of recording history by way of a custom song for just $500.

Lupe took to Twitter to make his proposal, and it appears a few individuals have already taken him up on his offer. The gesture, while kind, does come with some stipulations as he laid out via Twitter recently.

“I will personalize a 1 verse song for you. $500. You pick the instrumental, mood & subject. 1 physical copy which you must come pick up. COD,” tweeted Lupe on Wednesday. He went on to add that these tracks are not collaborations, mentioning a far heftier price of $50,000 for that to occur.

Thus far, a number of fans have tweeted him with their song ideas, industry track of choice for him to rap over, and the theme of the verse.

“Instrumental: Ghostface’s Beat “Apollo Kids” from Supreme Clientele. Mood: Hungry. Subject: Beauty Of Chicago,” tweeted @AdamsGardens. Lupe also adds that if fans want to be in the booth with him when he records the drop, that wiill be another $500.

Of course, there are some skeptics like rapper Fuze The MC who asked for a PayPal. One of Lupe’s rules is that fans must pay for the song in person, and will only get a physical copy of the song once the exchange has been made. Just in case he wasn’t clear, he revealed more via his timeline.

“Again these are not features…think of it as a mixtape with one copy with one song thats one verse just for you…for $500,” said Lupe. Not for nothing, but this could end up being the power move of the year, no?

Check out the following pages for the tweets. Let us know in the comments if you’re going to cop a personal verse.

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