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WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 3: Comedian Dave Chapelle enters the Kenn

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Dave Chappelle isn’t happy with how Katt Williams bashed other Black comedians, voicing his opinion about it at a recent show in Hollywood.

Katt Williams’ recent podcast interview with Shannon Sharpe blasting other comedians like Cedric the Entertainer and Steve Harvey has sparked a lot of conversation and some dismay. It has rubbed Dave Chappelle the wrong way, and he spoke about it while appearing at MonDeRays, an event at the Hollywood Improv hosted by fellow comic DeRay Davis. “What part of the game is this? He ethered n**gas. He didn’t say anything about any of these white boys. None of these white boys function like that,” Chappelle said at the event Friday (Jan. 19).

“Katt is one of the best painters in the game. So why are you drawing ugly pictures of us? Stop. Hurt people hurt people, but I am a hurt person that never hurt people, and he does it all the time,” Chappelle said before going into an impression of Williams during the Club Shay Shay interview. “‘F**k this one, and f**k that one, and f**k this one,’” then adding in, “But, n**ga, I didn’t hear anything that you did wrong. He didn’t do nothin’ wrong? Katt didn’t do nothin’ wrong?… Katt was talking about s**t that n**gas did to other n**gas, but not about anything that n**gas did to him.”

The comedian questioned why Williams would air his grievances like that when “all of us are trying to be in a better situation.” Later adding: “If I told my story, it would break your heart… I lost everything and never, ever told on anybody, and this n**ga’s the arbiter of truth.” Davis attempted to interject to defend Williams by stating it was good for comedy (similar to a claim made by Marlon Wayans), but Chappelle would brush it aside.

“You know why I disagree? Because I put a special out the same day. It was fine. And this n***a came out [and said], ‘I read 6,000 books … what the f—k is you talking about?” Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, The Dreamer, premiered Dec. 31, 2023. It was notable that Chappelle’s words were captured by someone in the audience – the comedian has often employed a “no smartphones” policy at his performances in recent years. The Club Shay Shay interview with Katt Williams, which premiered Jan. 3, has 52 million viewers to date.