10. Allan Houston (Black And White) & Darius Miles (The Perfect Score) (tie)

You might be thinking to yourself why is Allan Houston on this list? He was terrible in Black And White! Here’s the thing. Compared to other basketball players thrust in front of the camera with little training ( Marques Johnson? Alex English? Anfernee Hardaway? Patrick Ewing? Reggie Theus? Kobe Bryant? I’m looking at all of you) he was serviceable and filled his role. Considering what a clusterf-ck Black And White was, he wasn’t even the worst actor in it.

Darius Miles was a natural in front of the camera and had a personality the media gravitated to. He ended up being cast in a film alongside several young up and coming Hollywood actors and he held his own. Was he good? No, but he wasn’t absolutely horrible.

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