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Christopher Castillo is not a smart man, and clearly doesn’t take the federal justice system seriously. Just after getting arrested for writing threatening Facebook posts about President Obama, the Florida resident put the nail in the coffin once he sat down with the Secret Service.

Agents arrived at Castillo’s house late last week, for writing that he would “hunt” Obama down, kill him, then “watch the life disappear from his eyes,” if he won re-election. Just like other idiots threatening a president (again, this is a federal offense) via a social networking site have done, Castillo went on an online rampage, but a nice Facebook friend tried to deter him of making such threats. “I wouldn’t call it a threat but more of a promise,” he replied.

Castillo told authorities that his hatred for Obama stemmed from the commander in chief’s views on healthcare. When asked by Agent Charles Johnson what he would do if the president was in his face, he was a little too honest. The car detailer, said he would “b-tch slap him, and beat the sh-t out of him.” He also said he wanted to “scream and yell at him and tell him he was a terrorist.”

Johnson warned Castillo that his remarks were a violation of federal law, but he didn’t care. So, he remains in custody until he can be fitted with a GPS monitoring device.


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Photo: The Smoking Gun