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Could Nicki Minaj’s Barbz fanbase be as rabid and vengeful as that of Donald Trump’s MAGA cult 45? We don’t know but some people down in Texas certainly seem to think so.

According to TMZ, the Texas cemetery where Megan Thee Stallion’s mom, Holly Thomas, was laid to rest has asked local authorities for extra security as Nicki Minaj referenced Megan’s deceased mother in her struggle diss record “Big Foot.” After the record dropped, fans of Nicki took to social media and began to murmur about ways to get back at Megan Thee Stallion for slandering their Queen, which included desecrating her mother’s gravesite. Knowing such a disgusting act was possible, the cemetery alerted authorities to the threat.

TMZ reports:

What’s more … we’re told PSC will continue to monitor the situation as they take all matters regarding safety and security seriously — and lately, things have been getting too real.

They do add … as of yet, thankfully nothing has happened to the gravesite, but they emphasize they’re on high alert regardless.

The extra precautions come after some of Nicki’s “Barbz” — AKA, her army of fiercely loyal supporters — first leaked the location of Holly’s burial site on social media … encouraging others to go and desecrate her grave as a way to get back at MTS for her OG diss.

Doxing locations is such a MAGA thing to do these days. Just sayin’.

We really hope that no one out there actually goes out and disrespects Ms. Holly’s resting place just in the name of Nicki Minaj. But the way people have become so tribal these days over political views and pop culture even, you just never know what they’re capable of.

All of this just because Megan Thee Stallion took a subliminal shot at Nicki’s husband being a convicted sex offender. Hip-Hop beef in 2024 SMH.

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