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George Zimmerman is planning to increase his fundraising efforts in an attempt to raise more money to cover his legal fees.

As an extra incentive, Zimmerman will send out “thank you” notes to anyone who donates, which will include his handwritten signature.

The 29-year-old won’t be tried for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin until next June, but will launch an early push to elicit extra donations his attorney, Mike O’Mara said, Wednesday (Nov. 28).

O’Mara announced that a new George Zimmerman Defense Fund will be launched next month.

Since fatally shooting Martin in February, the former neighborhood watch captain has raised nearly half a million dollars, but according to O’Mara the last of a $140,000 defense fund raised since May is depleting.

Zimmerman’s trial date has been set for June 10, while a hearing on his “stand your ground” defense is scheduled for April.


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