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Polo Ralph Lauren is still the most Hip-Hop clothing brand of all time, not just because Ralph Lifshitz assumed the alias of Ralph Lauren, but because the brand is now rewinding and remixing some of its most classic styles, including the Polo Bear sweater.  Sneaker brands like Nike and Reebok have already taken to reintroducing their most popular shoes via retro issuance.  Nostalgia, is after all, the hallmark of fashion design and Ralph Lauren has thousands of styles which collectors and semi-enthusiasts alike would gravitate to.

One of those timeless designs is the Polo Bear meme.  We’ve seen the Polo Bear emblazoned on everything from coffee mugs, kitchen flatware, ties, tee shirts, button downs and of course, the classic knit sweater.  It’s no small nod to the hardbody collectors that Ralph Lauren has created a website which honors these items and is kicking off the retro of Polo fashion by introducing a bear sweater remix.  Go to and click the ‘Bring It Back’ tab.  There are four (4) different bear designs to choose from.

The Polo Bear is a perfect piece to launch this RL vintage movement with.  It appeals to the collectors and the gift-givers who appreciate the hand-sewn quality of the garment along with the novelty of wearing a sweater with a dressed up teddy bear.  Part of Polo Ralph Lauren’s enduring appeal has been his ability to create a look for anyone and everyone.  Now that the world is clamoring with nostalgia for designs, it’s a safe bet no one will be able to knock the crown from Ralph Lauren’s domepiece.

Check out photos of the potential gear to come in the gallery. 

[Spotted at Freshness Mag]


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Photos: Polo Ralph Lauren

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