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Hector “Macho” Camacho’s life was always filled with controversy. It looks like the same drama might follow him to the grave as well. 

The many women in the boxer’s life came to blows on the second day of the late fighter’s wake according to numerous reports coming from his native Puerto Rico.

“I am the actual girlfriend of Macho, and those who don’t like it better not bring it,” said Cynthia Castillo, who claimed to be Camacho’s girlfriend at the time of his death according to ESPN. “They shouldn’t be going after me. They should be thanking me for being with him at all times.”

Castillo kissed the mouth of the slain boxer at the viewing and then walked to the area reserved for family.  She was then confronted by Gloria Fernandez, who claimed to have been Camacho’s girlfriend for the past 25 years, as well as Esther and Estrella Camacho, the boxer’s sisters.

Camacho was shot numerous times on November 20th while sitting in a parked car with a friend outside a bar and died three days later when the decision was made to take him off of life support.

[Spotted At ESPN]


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