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Ever since DMX pulled out of a scheduled mixed martial arts fight, controversy has since followed. Days after axing the idea, a replacement for X was found in none other than Coolio but unfortunately for anyone curious to see how he’d  fare in a battle they’ll have to wait.

Coolio’s MMA fight against Eric Martinez was postponed Saturday and according to the promoters of the event, X is to blame.

Thunder Promotions is already taking X to court for $1 million in damages and $6,000 for a deposit for cancelling the event. The CEO of Thunder Promotions, Rod Riccardi, has since released a statement denouncing the rapper and apologizing to angry fans saying,

“As CEO of Thunder Promotions LLC, I have endeavored to promote the highest quality of fight entertainment. Toward that goal, my company has resisted any and all efforts to participate in fights that were less than above board and legitimate. With this event, Thunder Promotions LLC had expended a great deal of time, effort and money promoting an event that was to be headlined by the rap personality DMX. When he decided to back out of the event due to our refusal to fix his fight, it left Thunder Promotions LLC with little time to promote an event with a replacement headliner….. With this lesson learned, I can assure everyone and all that Thunder Promotions LLC will continue with a vengeance and the public can anticipate future events that we will promote that will overshadow any promotion in the State of Alabama and elsewhere.”

Coolio’s fight has tentively been rescheduled to January 23.