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A lot of ground was covered on this week’s episode of The Combat Jack Show, which featured special guests OG Bun B, MC and co-owner of NYC’s Santos Party House Despot, and CTE’s own Freddie Gibbs. As per usual, the #Newmanati crew left no slanderous stone unturned. Not even the controversy surrounding Elmo’s puppeteer was exempt from conversation.

Combat Jack and company got down to business as well, masterfully interviewing Gangsta Gibbs, who spoke on his election day run-in with the law in his native Gary, Indiana.

“At the end of the day, I’m a gangsta rapper man. So it’s like a lot of the things that I represent and show through my music, they want to pull the wool over your eyes. They don’t want you to see that,” said Gibbs. “They don’t want me painting a negative image of Gary, and that’s not what I’m setting out to do. All I’m setting out to do is give you the real, and that’s what’s going on.”

From there, the convo segues into race in the United States. “The reason that we have such lack of respect for our fellow man is because most of our fellow man don’t respect themselves. We talk race in this country. We talk about, you know, ‘there’s still racial issues between black and white people.’ Well that’s because there’s racial issues within the race,” said the trill OG.

“We as a people [whether it be black, white, Latino, whatever] this is very generally speaking, we as a people can’t move forward with other races until we start moving forward in our own respective races.” Well said Bun B!

Peep the show description and stream of the episode below:

Bun B x Freddie Gibbs x Despot… where do we even begin? From Freddie’s ESGN label and current relationship with Young Jeezy and CTE to Despot being a NYC club owner and the schit he has to deal with to Bun B flexing all professorial and having the show turn into a roundtable on race in New York versus the south. It’s bigger than rap. #Newmanati!

Photo: PNC Radio