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A few days ago, we ranked ten people in Hip-Hop that we would absolutely want no problems with. 50 Cent was one of those guys, and this is exactly why. 

Remember back when DJ Khaled, Rick Ross and 50 Cent were in a very intense beef with each other and 50 Cent got hands on footage of DJ Khaled’s mother’s house and where she worked? In an interview with Big Boy on Power 106 in Los Angeles, 50 Cent revealed that French Montana was the mole in the group.

“When that happened, I didn’t know who Rick Ross was so I ahd to take a look. I find somebody who knows somebody to give me some information. So Frenchie got me the tape. He got me the tape of his mother’s house, where his mom works at. The other cribs the studios. I had all of it,” says 50 Cent.

“Where he was staying in Atlanta, I had all the locations. Cause I ain’t taking no L’s, if you do something we can do it live, and I ain’t even going to hide it.”

Damn, sounds like Frenchie’s got some ‘splainin to do.

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