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In the aftermath of “Tiger-Gate 2009,” lawmakers and citizens alike are searching the legal texts of their respective states in search of knowledge that may help them in their quest to navigate the troubled waters of marriage.

Over half of America’s marriages end in divorce, with adultery ranking highly among the reasons for separation. Even though it has become more accepted in society, in one state it is still frowned upon, and being caught in the act will cost you…literally.

New Hampshire has had a law in its state that specifically targets those who commit acts of infidelity, making the relationship ending act as legal as marijuana in the state; that is to say, it is not legal at all.

The cost of cheating on a spouse, $1200, pales In comparison to the former punishment of having to stand on the gallows for an hour while wearing a noose or receiving 39 lashes, but the psychiatric sting is still as painful.

In spite of the law’s 200-year-old history, many of the states legislators are attempting to have it forced in legal retirement.

“We shouldn’t be regulating people’s sex lives and their love lives,” remarked state congressman Timothy Horrigan. “We shouldn’t be in the business of regulating what consenting adults do.”

Several legislators are attempting to have the law repealed.