New Hampshire

Sorority sisters from the University of New Hampshire are now being investigated after being caught on video using the "n-word" during a Kanye West song.

An attempted lynching of an 8-year-old bi-racial boy in New Hampshire by a group of white teens is under scrutiny after police refuse to offer information.

During an annual pumpkin festival in New Hampshire, riots broke out and prompted a response from police near Keene State College over the weekend. Twitter responded with biting sarcasm in how the situation at the festival was handled in comparison to the recent protests in Ferguson, Mo. regarding the Mike Brown shooting.

Robert Copeland didn’t help dispel the law enforcement racism stereotypes when he resigned after being overheard calling the commander-in-chief a racial slur.

In the aftermath of “Tiger-Gate 2009,” lawmakers and citizens alike are searching the legal texts of their respective states in search of knowledge that may help them in their quest to navigate the troubled waters of marriage. Over half of America’s marriages end in divorce, with adultery ranking highly among the reasons for separation. Even […]

Everyone looking for a new beginning need only wait for a matter of hours before time will start anew, figuratively and logistically speaking, as 2010 is upon us. As millions of American get ready to party and welcome a new year and the mystery associated with it, many would be remised to know that not […]