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During an annual pumpkin festival in New Hampshire, riots broke out and prompted a response from police near Keene State College over the weekend. Twitter responded with biting sarcasm in how the situation at the festival was handled in comparison to the recent protests in Ferguson, Mo. regarding the Mike Brown shooting.

Although Keene police were decked out in riot gear and arresting students by the dozens, Twitter users remarked that the overall response to the situation wasn’t quite as pointed as it was in Ferguson. Some people mocked the tone of reporting by calling the largely-white crowds “thugs” and “gang bangers” much as it was applied to those in St. Louis County.

Although a specific number of those arrested were not provided, several sources added that there were a slate of injuries in the area. One 18-year-old attendee said that the riots at the festival were “f—-ing wicked” and called it a “rush” to rebel against the cops. That sentiment was repeated several times over in a report by the Keene Sentinel.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions to the Keene Pumpkin Festival on the following pages.

Photo: WHDH

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