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Everyone looking for a new beginning need only wait for a matter of hours before time will start anew, figuratively and logistically speaking, as 2010 is upon us.

As millions of American get ready to party and welcome a new year and the mystery associated with it, many would be remised to know that not everything will be the same when the sun dawns on the first day of the new year.

New laws await all of us peons at the bottom of the social totem pole, and though some are of good intention, many will leave heads chaffed from the incessant scratching that they are sure to bring about.

Here is a list of a few changes:

Georgia: Thanks to Andre’ 3000 and Chris Tucker, a new “Super Speeder” law is set to go into effect at 12 a.m. on New Years Day. Drivers caught going 85 mph on four-lane roads and interstate highways or 75 mph on two-lane roads can look forward to an extra $200 on top of fines that are already between $600 to $800. From someone that drives in Atlanta daily, 75 is the only speed that you can safely  traverse the road with; anything less will have you run off the road!

North Carolina: the nation’s largest tobacco maker has banned smoking in bars and restaurants. Excluded from the law are private establishments such as Masonic lodges and country clubs.

Arkansas: All retailers are prohibited from selling toy guns that resemble real firearms. Replicas of guns made before 1898, paintball, BB, Pellet, and guns used in theatrical productions are exempt.

California: All artificial transfats are to be banned from restaurants. A new “anti-paparazzi” law will go into effect as well, making it easier for celebrities to to sue members of media for invading their privacy.

New Hampshire: Dog racing is outlawed as of New Years day. Also, the new gay marriage law will supersede the one currently in place, making it able for couple that entered into a civil union eligible to be married without having to have another ceremony.

Texas: Teens must be accompanied by an adult when frequenting a tanning salon.

Nevada & Louisiana: Novelty lighters, such as the ones that light up or play jingles when opened, are banned.

Oregon: Potential employers are no longer able to restrict employees from wearing religious garb while working or from allowing them to take time off for holy days or to participate in any religious observance or practice.

The first step to being a successful and productive citizen is being informed, so be informed.

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