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An Albuquerque, New Mexico based community group is making waves throughout the nation with their unique, landmark program.

Ordo Dei Imperceptus, a non-profit religious organization, has tasked themselves with protecting New Mexico’s member’s of the “fairer sex,” assigning body guards to any woman that was once in an abusive relationship that fears retaliation for seeking social sanity.

“Our first priority is to de-escalate the situation, said Ordo Dei Imperceptus president, Douglas Muhu. “The only actual way to solve that is to provide 24/7 protection, the police can’t do that, they do not have the manpower and the don’t have the resources, so it comes down to our community doing it themselves.”

Though some guards are armed, most would rather talk a potential threat down before resorting to violence. If action is taken, all guards are tasked with making a citizens arrest and informing local authorities of what transpired on a detail-by-detail basis.