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Pitchfork Media will turnover its video interview with Chief Keef at a gun range, the  Chicago Tribune reports.

By participating in the interview, Keef may have violated the terms of his probation, which bars him from getting his paws on guns.

Lawyers for Pitchfork rejected the ruling on grounds that giving the clip to authorities is a violation of First Amendment rights. Nonetheless, Judge Carl Anthony Walker ordered that the recording must be turned in by next Wednesday (Dec. 12), in order to give prosecutors time to build their case.

The interview was shot over the summer for Pitchfork’s “Selector” series and shows the teen with a firearm. Prosecutors will argue that he violated his probation by holding the weapon.

Keef, born Keith Cozart, has been unable to escape legal trouble since landing on Hip-Hop’s radar. Over the summer, he was investigated in the murder of rapper Joseph Lil JoJo”  Coleman, with whom he had beef.

Coleman’s mother, Robin Russell, believes that the teen father didn’t actually shoot her son, but paid someone to do so. During an appearance on BET’s Don’t’ Sleep,  Russell said that she was in fear for her life, since her son’s death.

A hearing on his probation violation has been scheduled for Dec. 17, one day before his Finally Rich debut drops.

If convicted, Keef could face jail time.


Photo: Pitchfork