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This morning, Freddie Gibbs sat in with Power 105.1’s always entertaining morning show, The Breakfast Club, to speak candidly on a variety of topics. During the interview, the Baby Faced Killer updated fans on matters involving his ESGN imprint, his current situation with Young Jeezy’s CTE records, the controversial Post-Tribune cover and more.

Charlamagne stirs the pot early in, asking Gibbs why he didn’t involve himself Jeezy’s recent beefs with artists like Gucci Mane, Alley Boy, and Rick Ross.

“I look at it like this. I don’t know none of those guys personally, you know, that he had issues with. When I get in something it can go to a whole other level,” said Gangsta Gibbs.

“I just, you know, aint just about to just diss somebody just to be dissing them. You know what I mean? I’m kind of growing up in this game, and I got to see what the validity is of the issue. Cause you know, I’m gonna bump into you in the streets, and it can be a hand to hand or something like that.”

Later during the sit down, Freddie Gibbs spoke positively about his aspirations to teach black history one day. “I think Black History is a lost subject in school period. And guys like Bun [B], they really inspire me to do that. I was just with Bun at Combat Jack Show. When he came on the show, he’s one of those guys that make you want to shut the f-ck up and listen when he comes in the room,” said Gibbs.

“He’s one of the guys that I look up to, and I see him doing that. That’s definitely something that I want to strive to be, because it’s all about giving back.”

See Freddie Gibbs discuss these topics and much more in the full interview below.

Photo: Power 105.1