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When it comes to his computer, President Obama is no DMX. In fact he actually understands how the apparatus works, and even tweets from his own Twitter page, from time to time.

In newly released “behind the scenes” footage  from the White House, Obama is seen personally answering Twitter inquiries and saying things like “Oh, I gotta’ do the hashtag,” before posting.

Looking very serious and chewing gum, Obama is focussed as he answers inquiries about everything from keeping tax rates low, to student loans.

Kori Schulman, the president’s director of online engagement, sits at his side in the clip while they discuss how to “respond correctly,”  to one particular question, versus another.

On a more serious note, the commander in chief is still working with Congress to come up with a solution before the end of the fiscal year. According to reports, Obama is ready to go over the fiscal cliff if an agreement over tax hikes cannot be reached. GOP leaders oppose the president’s idea that those making over $250,000 should have their taxes raised.

Not being able to come to a truce could push the country back from climbing out of a recession, as consumer confidence may drop, which will trickle down to financial markets.