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Cory Booker is still partaking in his week-long food stamps challenge, but the lack of caffeine is driving him a little crazy.

An admitted addict of coffee and other caffeinated beverages, on day two of the challenge, Booker took to his blog to give another somber peek into what life is like when pretending to live off food stamps. Foolishly thinking that he could go on water alone for a week, the 43-year-old was unpleasantly surprised by how much he misses his coffee. “I might have to be hospitalized with caffeine withdrawals,” he jokingly told Newark Food Policy Director Elizabeth Reynoso. “I can look at buying coffee and making coffee at home, I just don’t know how much it costs.”

He also pulled out a bottle of Mountain Dew (which probably ran him about a $1, more than half of what he is expected to live on per day, during the challenge), but didn’t say if he purchased the drink himself, or if it was a gift.

Meanwhile, in the intro to his vlog Booker painted an even bleaker picture of living off food stamps:

Not being able to stop and drop a few dollars for a Venti coffee or Diet Mountain Dew is really raising my consciousness about the food choices I often take for granted.

More than this though, the constrained food options I have for this one short week highlight for me (with the hunger pains I felt today between small meals) what many hardworking families have to deal with week after week.

By day three, his life had totally fallen apart. “This is the conflict I have, eating healthy versus eating what is convenient, that keeps me going for the week. I was thinking what sort of staples can I buy, so I was thinking brown rice, then I bought cans of peas, cans of corn. Then the rice, corn, [and] beans can be a staple for lots of the meals I do.”

Hang in there sir, it’ll all be over soon.

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