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Killer Mike appeared on The View and reflected on his arrest at the Grammy Awards, referring to it as “water under the bridge.”

On Monday (Feb. 12), Killer Mike appeared as a guest on The View, fresh off of his sweep of the rap category at the Grammy Awards last weekend stemming from his album, MICHAEL. Co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in and asked a question. “There was an incident at the Grammys, it led to you being handcuffed and taken out of the Grammys – that was wrong,” she began, acknowledging the ongoing legal case that prevented Killer Mike from saying much, “can you just give us some sort of description?”

“I think backstage was overcrowded, I think the winners were exuberant, and I think security got a little over zealous,” Killer Mike, also known as Michael Render, said referring to his arrest. “It’s water under the bridge for me.” He continued: “All of my heroes have been in handcuffs – Malcolm, Martin, Mandela, Medgar. I walked out with the same dignity and respect that I walked in with, and I would implore people to just take that from it.” He then went on to detail how the moment put him in a space of gratitude. “I thanked God for putting me in a space, believe it or not, by myself. And I got an opportunity to invoke the spirit of my mom and my grandmother and let them know what had happened and thank them,” he said.

The “Scientists & Engineers” rapper also opened up about the joy he felt in finding out his eldest son was getting a kidney after three years on a waitlist. “The next morning, I woke up to my son’s mother saying you have to come home because [his son] has a kidney. They have a kidney for him and we have to get him now. And I just thanked God.” He was also asked about his hesitation in endorsing President Joe Biden, to which he replied that he was going to have a “hyper-local” focus. “In terms of nationally, I’m just kinda doing what my grandfather said, ‘Stay out of white folks’ business and watch what happens’…For right now, I just don’t want to be involved in the soap opera,” he said.