For those uninitiated, Pac Div is a family affair – literally. Like, who doubles as a producer for the crew, is the brother of the verbally dexterous Mibbs. BeYoung has been rolling with the siblings since high school, and the trio all came up playing hoops in Palmdale. With tunes ranging from staying freshly dipped, dating woes and other real-life matters, Mibbs believes their grassroots grind is what keeps them at the top.

“That’s the reason we still have our existence and continue to get better with every release,” said Mibbs of their homegrown style. “With all those different mixtapes, we hit different milestones with each mixtape and albums up to this point. We feel good about where we’re headed.”

Pac Div hit the scene in a major way with their 2006 debut mixtape Sealed For Freshness: The Blend Tape. Dripping heavy with Southern Cali accents, blistering flows, and a unyielding allegiance to all things West Coast, the Div got cosigns from big names like ?uestlove, 9th Wonder, Pharrell Williams and others. But back then, the competition was a lot thinner than in recent times. Mibbs was self-aware enough to address that.

“We do know that there’s an influx of artists coming out doing the same thing and they’re getting hip on the business end,” explained Mibbs of the narrowing playing field. “Supply and demand is the name of the game and I’m noticing it’s less of a focus on quality and a lot more on quantity.”

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