The aforementioned co-signs and magazine features eventually led to the guys getting signed to a major label deal in 2008 with Universal Motown. However, their good fortunes dried up and a revealing 2011 LA Weekly piece highlighted their struggles and subsequent rise to triumph. In the span of time during their three years with Universal, they released a trio of amazing mixtapes in 2009’s Church League Champions, 2010’s Don’t Mention It, and the still spin-worthy Mania! In 2011.

“We take pride in being pioneers, that’s why we were able to deliver on those mixtapes during that span,” said Mibbs. “We always want to innovate, it’s pretty much like a competition. We challenge each other all the time.”

If you haven’t seen the Div live, their energetic stage show will make you a believer even if the music hasn’t grabbed you yet. Making their name on the road from small venues to big events like last year’s SXSW, Gabe, Mike and Bryan look to continue their winning streak in shutting down stages in 2012 and beyond.

Speaking of government names, the curious title of the crew’s second LP GMB was formed as a result of the gang’s names Gabe (Like), Mike (Mibbs) and Bryan (BeYoung). Their latest album is, according to Mibbs, “harder and more aggressive” than their official debut The Div. Mibbs offered that a lot of material on the debut was the last remnants of tracks they recorded while still signed to the major.

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