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All the speculation can be put to rest. Freddie Gibbs has officially left Young Jeezy’s CTE record label. The Gary, IN rapper called into The Breakfast Club to confirm his departure and provided some details as to why he became a free agent.

“When I was there I was in the works with some things,” said Gibbs, referring to his last visit to the Power 105.1 radio station, when he downplayed any notion of an impending departure and refused to take sides in Jeezy’s beefs. “It was a mutual decision.”

The “BFK” rapper added, “It was a number of things. At the end of the day it was a decision for myself [and] my family. It wasn’t nothing against him or none of that. It was just a move that I had to make personally and business wise.”

Gangsta Gibbs said he had “a lot going on” including promoting his “BFK” single and said that he had a new deal in the works. He also said he doesn’t plan to release any Jeezy diss records, as long as he’s not disrespected.

“I’m not one of them guys man that sit back and be bitter,” he said. “This don’t define me. This is a move that I gotta make in my career. Players get traded from teams all the time. They go to different teams and win championships. It is what it is, bro.”

Listen to more of Gibbs’ reasoning behind his decision below.

Photo: Power 105.1