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We can’t front, when we saw the first Man Of Steel trailer with Clark Kent looking like an Alaskan fisherman, we weren’t too enthused. But the new trailer for the forthcoming Superman reboot is just the type of action we were looking for thanks to cameos from General Zod and Jor-El, Krypton exploding and a whole lot more.

The two and a half minute long trailer starts off slow, with the narrator (Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, or actor Henry Cavill) trying to figure out who he is, where he is from, his purpose and all that good stuff. Apparently saving a school bus full of kids gets your ostracized. Then a bearded Clark Kent goes about looking for his origins and we see him in his costume, cape flowing and walking in a snow and ice filled land.

Then Superman takes flight, what we saw in the teaser, and in the last minute we get all type of visual goodies like Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Michael Shannon as General Zod and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. There is also Superman being held captive (yeah right), buildings being destroyed and all sorts of explosiveness we want in our super flicks.

Why is there no Superman logo on the iconic red cape, though? Nevertheless, Man Of Steel will be in theater June 14th, 2013. With Iron Man 3 due in theaters on April 26th, it’s going to be a fine spring and summer for comic book and superhero fans.

Photo: YouTube