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No shave November may be behind us, but that doesn’t diminish the power of the beard. Women love them and the beard-less covet one of their own. In Hip-Hop, Freeway’s facial mane is as revered as they come. As part of his Team Early movement and promotional efforts for Diamond In the Ruff, Philly Freezer pairs with EricsWorldTV to unveil the cheat code to his manbeard, Freeway’s Man Beard: Facial Sanitizer & Activating Lotion.

The hilarious visual plays like a mockumercial (use this term, and this writer demands 700%) and the way Freeway tells it, a host our favorite bearded stars have patronized his business. This includes James Harden, Sir Sean Connery, Zach Galifianakis, LeBron James and more.

Satire or not, Eric World kicks some of the strongest propaganda seen in any infomercial this year. Imagine if homie from ShamWow had lines like, “If you really want that Becky, first you’ll need to rub this urban concoction on your face twice a day for just 21 days, and you’ll go from being a poon to a goon in no time.”

Philly Freezer even kicks a freestyle to commemorate the product’s launch. Call 1-900-HUSTLER now to receive a sock Jay-Z wore in the “Streets is Watching” with your purchase. Apparently, you can make ish like this up.

See Free’s Man Beard: Facial Sanitizer & Activating Lotion infomercial below.

Photo: YouTube