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Joe Budden yearns to tweet just as much as any other technology-crazed human (if not more), and  that’s why we rock with him. Never one to hold his tongue, he’s started beefs on Twitter, showed off his girl(s) on Twitter, and routinely drops what he must think are jewels of knowledge for us to decipher.

Just about every day you can find the New Jersey native posting his thoughts on love, life,or clowning people  if he doesn’t like their Twitter hate. As a matter fact, he’s pretty much always responding to those who dare to critique him.

Don’t get it twisted though, Joey has a lot of info to share. He’s held down the same gig for more than a decade, dropped some solo albums (plus a bunch of mixtapes), and has managed to  smash just about every “model” that you secretly wish you could pull.

Because of this—and the fact that he’s a pretty entertaining dude— Hip-Hop Wired combed through a bunch his most recent Twitter musings, and life lessons, to come up with some stand outs.

Get into them below.



Photos: Twitter/All Hip Hop

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