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Director Artemus Jenkins takes us behind the scenes of one of the most famous strip clubs in Atlanta, Magic City. 

In this documentary, P.O.P (or Power Of The P***y), Jenkins takes us into the lives of an alumni, newcomer and veteran of Magic City. The alumni, Gigi Maguire, talks about her life after leaving the club and opening up her own pole dancing fitness studio, Pole Fan Addicts.

The newcomer, Cali, talks about how she got into stripping and how she went from working in Kentucky Fried Chicken to becoming a dancer at Magic City for the past seven months. “When I moved here I got into a mode like ‘ I don’t have family here, if some s**t happens, that’s my a**,” said Cali.

“I wanted to live on my own so I guess I was just going to dance and hustle real quick and save some money up real quick until the next best thing happens, so it’s a blessing honestly.”

Simone, the 5-year veteran, is Cali’s mentor and is responsible with showing the young dancer the ropes as far as getting money inside the club that inspired the movie, The Players Club. 

Check out the first episode of the documentary down below.

Photo: YouTube