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Giving a new meaning to the phrase “Time is Money”, 14 year old Damon Williams, since the age of 5, has been investing in his future.

Investment has played in his favor as his portfolio puts him at a worth of over $50,000.

Buying his first share of Nike stock before even entering the 1st grade, Williams admits that he has done extensive research by going through company Web sites in order to figure out what to invest in.

Citing his mother as his inspiration and his learning tool, Williams’ mother told him that he had to save up to buy a share of the shoe company before he could buy another pair of the brand’s sneaker.

Paying close attention to things such as Growth Rate, P/E Ratio and Divendend Yields, which most teenagers are probably oblivious to, Williams is more interested in owning a share to video games aside from sitting in front the of television playing them.

Some kids sit back and play video games, but clearly Williams is about making his money.

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