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The sneaker game and guns, two things that should never mix. A 16 year-old was shot and killed near Houston, Texas after an argument that was allegedly over a pair of Air Jordans.

KVUE reports that Juan Reyna, a high school freshman, was killed last week just shy of his 17th birthday after getting into an argument with Yusef Villanueva.

“It was uncalled for,” said the victim’s father, Gilberto Reyna. “This is a senseless killing that should never happen to any parent’s child.”

Sixteen-year-old Juan Reyna was gunned down inside a neighbor’s home last week. According to his father, the violence erupted during an argument over the expensive sneakers Reyna had recently purchased from the alleged gunman.

“He wanted to sell my son a pair of Jordan shoes,” added Reyna.

The Houston Chronicle shares more details about what happened. Villanueva contends that after playing basketball with Reyna, the latter wanted to see his new shotgun.

Villanueva said he went to his upstairs bedroom and got the shotgun, according to the arrest warrant.

Hearing a knock, Villanueva said he yelled, “Come in,” but didn’t realize Reyna had made it upstairs. The defendant claimed he accidentally shot Reyna while showing him the shotgun.

But as paramedics were preparing Reyna for LifeFlight transport to the hospital, he told investigators the shooting was not an accident.

“He shot me on purpose,” Reyna told sheriff’s deputies at the scene, records state. “He stole my shoes and when I tried to leave, he shot me.”

Villanueva (see his photo on the next page) has been charged with murder. Reyna, suffering from a shotgun wound to the abdomen, died on December 11 while in surgery at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. However, Villanueva is currently being held in Harris County jail on $50,000 bond. The 19 year-old was arrested several days after the incident.

It appears that Reyna bought sneakers from Villanueva for $100. However, Villanueva felt the shoes were worth more, took them back, and had refused to return Reyna his money.

Juan Reyna is being buried today, what would have been his 17th birthday.

Photo: KHOU

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