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Cassidy just wants the respect he deserves. But the way the Philly native is going about it is highly debatable. Last night, the “Hotel” rapper dropped a song called “Me, Myself, & iPhone” that sends blatant shots at Meek Mill and also addresses whether he and Swizz Beatz are still cool and even that “Condom Style” track he dropped last weekend.

For the song’s concept, Cass takes a bunch of calls from people asking him questions, in rhyme, and he answers and sets the record straight, in rhyme. To his credit, he lets off some decent enough lines, including, “I raised son, I was around when the clown couldn’t even get his braids done” and “I usually don’t get mad but I had enough, when he dropped that son ‘Amen’ that was blasphemous.”

Who really cares? Meek Mill did, at least enough to respond, as usual, via the Twitter arena.

“Listening 2 this diss….. Ima say cuz you lost ya mind! U really gone up top mentally …… I feel sorry for u! Lol,” tweeted Meek. “When me and @CASSIDY_LARSINY was locked in the same jail!!! He was on “PC” protective custody …. I was on the “drama block” #difference.”

Of course, Cassidy had to respond in kind, via Twitter, when his jail cred was questioned. [sigh] “They automatically put U on PC when U famous & in the newspaper..

But I had pull.. So I got off after the 1st month, did 7 1/2 in population.. FOH,” he tweeted.

Meek also said he was now down to battle, but Cass basically said it was too late and to “step them bars up.”

Listen to Cassidy’s “Me, Myself & iPhone” below, and check out the tweets in the gallery.

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