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Despite having a very good year, Nas can’t seem to catch a break. Last year, Nas was supposed to perform at a New Year’s Eve concert in Angola. However, Nas didn’t show and the promoters were allegedly kidnapped. Now said promoter, Patrick Allocco, is suing the Life Is Good rapper for $10M. 

TMZ reports that Allocco filed a federal lawsuit that basically wants Nas to pay for what happened to him. Allocco, who is from New Jersey, alleges that he was kidnapped by a rival African promoter and was beaten and threatened for 50 days. The $10M number is for his supposed psychological, physical and financial suffering.

This whole affair has been bizarre from the start. Nas claims there were issues with his travel and that’s why he never made it Angola despite being paid. After Nas’s no show, Allocco was abducted by Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel who demanded the $315K he spent to bring the Queensbridge rapper to Angola be returned.

In January 2012, Nas cut a check for $315,000 to have Allocco returned safely. However, Allocco, and his namesake son who also being held, were not allowed to leave Angola until mid-February. Nas told MTV RapFix in March his side of the story; that the proper steps weren’t taken to get him on a flight to Angola.

Nas has yet to comment.

Photo: Nas