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“From the scientific side of it, from the political side of it, I kinda understand the dynamic and how bottle water affects it and solutions to actually clean the water affects it and the political ramifications of it and the health issues that goes around it.”

As Lupe Fiasco prepares himself mentally and physically to topple Mt. Kilimanjaro on an upcoming climb, the Chicago native is also attacking the problem of water pollution and how it is ravaging the world.

Appearing to discuss the summit at the Summit On the Summit Pre-Ascent Event, Fiasco made note of his climb and how it is one step in addressing the global water crisis.

While there are political heads to debate along with scientists to find a solution, the rapper feels that there is not enough attention being placed on awareness and allowing people to come to the realization of what is going on in hopes of being able to assist and create answers for this ongoing problem.

With the climb approaching, Mr. Fiasco has stated that he has been kicking back getting himself full of food, along with running, as training for the upcoming trek up the mountain.

For those that are interested in finding more information on the global water crisis and want to aid in some way, visit .

Check video below as Lupe Fiasco talks about the purpose:

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