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The show hasn’t even hit the air yet, but the boycott against Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas reality show is alive and well.

Viewers have come together to call for the Oxygen Network to pull the reality show.

Sabrina Lamb of New York went online to formally announce her disdain for the program, which features the Atlanta rapper and his 10 babies’ mothers, plus others like it. Calling for the show to be banned, Lamb attacked Oxygen for “celebrating the dysfunction” of Shawty Lo and his family.


Oxygen Television Network is prepared to broadcast a one hour special celebrating the dysfunction of rapper Shawty Lo…aka the insulting title ‘My Babies’  [sic] witnessed by his 11 children…by 10 different women…(some may have been underage) as they….argue, beg, fight for emotional, financial support and sexual reward.

What is the difference between this ministrel [sic] show and the others which clog the airwaves without proper balance of the beauty and positive aspects of our community??

So far nearly 2,000 people have signed the petition.

Oxygen has yet to announce an air date for All My Babies’ Mamas.