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Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne Foxx, will make their return to Beat Shazam for the seventh season of the popular game show on the Fox television network. Fans of the comedian and actor have been awaiting his return to steady work after suffering a medical episode in 2023.

Jamie Foxx, 55, and Corinne Foxx, 30, will return to Beat Shazam this coming May reports Deadline. The concept of the show is a fun one, as the show has teams of two facing off with one another to try and guess the most hit tracks en route to potentially winning $1 million in cash prizes.

The report adds that Beat Shazam has awarded $10 million in cash prizes. The show’s concept is shifting a bit for the upcoming season with themed episodes with fathers, mothers, siblings, teachers, and more.

“Jamie and Corinne are the heart and soul of Beat Shazam,” said Allison Wallach, Fox Entertainment’s President of Unscripted Entertainment. “As our undeniably dynamic father-daughter hosting team, they bring a relationship like no other to a show like no other, and it’s wonderful having them back on set this season.”

Some might remember that Corinne Foxx was one of the first people to publicly speak about her father’s medical episode back in April 2023 and staunchly defended her father from online trolls speculating on the matter.

Beat Shazam returns to Fox on May 28.

Photo: Eric Charbonneau / Getty