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The speculation surrounding Frank Ocean’s recent run in with authorities for allegedly “suspicious behavior” can now be put to rest. The R&B crooner was caught speeding on New Year’s Eve, and had his driver’s licence confiscated. 

TMZ reports that Ocean was busted doing 90 mph in a 65 mph zone when cops pulled him over in Mono County, CA.  To make matters worse, when the cops approached his care, they allegedly caught the odor of that sticky icky emanating from the black BMW.

When Ocean was searched, authorities found a small bag of weed in his pocket. Ocean was cited for mar1juana possession, driving on a suspended license and tinted windows, but was not arrested. However, the police confiscated his license so whoever was the dude riding shotgun had to drive Ocean home.

It was the fact that Ocean was travelling with a male companion that started rumors swirling that he was pulled over after cops spotted them engaging in some sort of s-xual act. These allegations were all strictly rumor with no evidence of such an incident happening.

Safe bet that if Ocean had not come forward and revealed that his first love was a man shortly before the release of his Channel Orange debut, these rumors would not have manifested.

Photo: Terry Richardson