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Voters Cast Ballots In The Massachusetts Primary Election

Super Tuesday results are in and as much of America knew to expect an inevitable President Joe Biden and Donald Trump showdown once things settle, there was a twist here and there. Although it won’t amount to much at the polls, Biden lost the American Samoa contest, a region that carries six delegates and its residents are not allowed to vote in the general election.

Super Tuesday was not packed full of the drama of days of the past as much of the primary races for the presidential race were known to be dominated by the incumbent Biden and Trump on the other side. Biden lost his first primary race of the year in American Samoa to Jason Palmer, a businessman and political newcomer. While the Biden campaign probably isn’t enthused by the news from a front-facing standpoint, it shouldn’t put much of a dent in Biden’s momentum.

What was interesting is the uncommitted protest vote in Michigan, launched due to the White House’s support of Israel during its clash with Hamas. Other states that had either an “uncommitted” line, no preference, or write-in portion were Alabama, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont. Despite this, Biden looks poised to secure the Democratic Party nomination with several wins with little resistance under his belt. Biden also won Iowa, which has been a tough state for him to carry.

Trump, hasn’t hardly broken a sweat against his Republican Party primary opponents and already has 995 delegates of this writing, needing 1,215 delegates in all to earn the nomination. Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley appeared to have momentum on the campaign trail and was seen as being miles above the other candidates but Trump’s power at the polls remains strong as ever. Haley is now leaving the campaign trail considering the numbers.

Biden has 1,497 delegates and needs 1,968 to earn the Democratic Party’s nomination. There isn’t a roadmap that suggests that Biden won’t win despite the surging “uncommitted” protest vote movement that could have some effect on the vote in November.

The primaries also set the stage for U.S. Senate races in Texas, with Colin Allred set to take on incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz, who saw little threat to his seat from inside his party. In California, Rep. Adam Schiff is leading the Democratic Party primary so far with his Republic Party opponent Steve Garvey leading on his side. Rep. Barbara Lee also entered the U.S. Senate primary race but is trailing last in her party’s race as results continue to come in.

There are 10 California U.S. House of Representatives contests that will get a lot of attention this fall, along with five North Carolina seats, and six Texas seats. Alabama has two seats, including one district that could flip Democrat in November. The House is a critical series of races for Democrats, who hope to wrestle control of the chamber away from Republicans.

As more results come forth, we will update this post.

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