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There seems to be A LOT of misconception and misguided info floating around the net…so for the sake of clarity and so that everyone (HOPEFULLY) will be on the same page. Let me reaffirm and debunk some things and just turn down the general noise that is Lupe Fiasco…”

Lupe Fiasco, Chicago’s resident is revealing details on his new album. As previously reported, Lupe dropped his highly anticipated Enemy of The State mixtape in November which was thought to be a predecessor for his latest studio album. Now with Enemy of The State on the hit, Lupe’s giving details on what’s next to come.

Speaking from a blog, Lupe cleared up the rumor about his next album’s title. While his forthcoming project was thought to be titled, We Are Lasers or L.U.P.E…N.D., Lupe says that’s not true. Instead he says the name of the project is just Lasers.

“My third album is titled “Lasers” not “We Are Losers” “L.U.P.E… N.D.” My next album is not titled “L.U.P.E…N.D.”

He also debunked rumors that this would be his last project and a release date was still in the works.

“Laser is NOT my last and final album….Lasers does not drop in 2009. Lasers does not have a release date yet.”