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Yes, the headline baffles us as well.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan turned heads after praising Hollywood director-actor Tyler Perry’s “Madea” character, calling it a worthy portrayal of a “strong, Black woman.” The minister went on to hail Perry for bringing the bawdy, tough-talking matriarch to the masses.  

During a special roundtable discussion edition of the program “Farrakhan Speaks,” Farrakhan fielded questions from the staff of the NOI’s publication, the Final Call. When asked about America’s entertainment establishment, in particular the fervor surrounding the film Django Unchained, Farrakhan eloquently addressed the necessity of creative people. It was his response regarding Tyler Perry, however, which stood out the most.

Farrakhan on Tyler Perry’s “Madea”:

I have never seen his portrayal of ‘Madea’ as a man cross-dressing. I saw his wonderful portrayal of Madea as bringing to the forefront the strongest person in the history of our sojourn in America, and that is Madea. That strong, Black woman who was the cornerstone of her family. She always was that figure that gave guidance, correction, reprimand, discipline.

The minister expanded on his appreciation of Perry, comparing his work in Hollywood to that of former NOI leader Imam W. Deen Muhammad and his desire to inject the use psychology in order to assist African-Americans who were suffering with issues.

“When you look at Tyler Perry’s movies, you see the brilliance of T.D. Jakes, a spiritual giant,” added Farrakhan. “You see the majesty of human problems acted out. So you could sit in the theater and see yourself in your madness, in your gladness, in your goodness, in your evil, then come out of that experience, for a $15 ticket and some popcorn, and say, ‘Wow, I feel better.’”

Tyler Perry movies are solving longstanding issues in the Black community now? OK, then.

To hear Farrakhan giving up the love to Tyler Perry, jump to the 10:20 mark in the video below. Lock in to hear the minister’s thoughts on Django Unchained and a host of other topics as well.

Photo: Black America Web

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