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There is one thing we all need to come to grips with as red blooded Americans. We are all creeps

There’s nothing wrong with it (legally). Men think about doing the dirty every single minute of their life. Even right now you are thinking about it. You probably wouldn’t have even clicked this link if you weren’t thinking about slamming on the yams today.

Women, you aren’t no better. You are way worse than us, but you just hide it better. But like most normal people, what makes you feel better about something you are ashamed of? Celebrities doing the same thing that you are ashamed of. That’s where we come in.

Celebrities might be the biggest ambassadors of the #CreepLife there are. The majority of them are drop dead gorgeous and, honestly, they’d be crazy not to sneak a little peak of the goods every now and then. The best thing about this is that we aren’t celebrities and we aren’t constantly followed by cameras, thus, we don’t get caught.

Gotcha! Hip-Hop Wired takes a look back at some of our favorite dudes (and some ladies) that got caught living that #Creeplife. Hit the jump down below to check out some of our favorite pictures, and remember, eyes up!

Photo: GifSoup, Getty, AP

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