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Rick Ross was sent here to teach the rap game a thing or two about living like a bawse. Maybach Music Group’s main man is a  fearless leader who has selflessly laid out the tools to becoming rich, via the photos he’s posted on “The Gram.”

Based on his “Rich Forever” Instagram handle, Ross wants the world to understand that the money he’s come into isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

For those who always want to slander him over his corrections officer past, or for (allegedly) canceling tour stops in North Carolina over fear of gang  retaliation, understand that living his life isn’t as easy as you would think. Running companies, riding in exotic cars, and flying private is not only costly, it’s even more taxing when you have to make sure that the world knows your financial status at all times. Every appearance is an opportunity to gloat, and takes a level of commitment that only Ross himself could really pull off. He’s not just selling music, he’s pushing a lifestyle and a dream.

Honestly, where would you be in life without his guidance?

Get into the Ross “bawse curriculum” below.


Photos: Instagram


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