Just days before Lupe Fiasco was scheduled to drop a mixtape in time for Christmas, the Chicago lyricist has officially decided to can the idea. As previously reported, Lupe revealed details on his forthcoming studio project Lasers, stating that it would not hit stores this year and will not be his last album.

Now with that release in the works and his Enemy Of The State mixtape online, Lupe’s changing his focus from music to his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Speaking from his Twitter page, @LupeFiasco, Lupe announced the cancellation of his Friend of The People mixtape saying,

“Friend of the people is canceled…sorry folks. super busy training right now for SOTS climb…”

The “SOTS” climb is the “Summit on The Summit” climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. Lupe will participate in the event for charity and will be joined by Jessica Biel, Isabel Lucas and Kenna. The group will be working together to raise awareness on the importance of clean drinking water worldwide. Through their efforts with the climb, every one dollar raised provides 100 liters of clean, safe drinking water for 50 days to those in need.