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Note to everybody; if you’re doing business with anyone that involves exchanging large sums of money, sign a legal contract first. A Brooklyn party promoter learned this out the hard way when he allegedly dropped $7,000 for Cam’Ron to perform at an after hours New Year’s Eve party. That didn’t happen.

Dan Galluch throws an after hours BK party called The Shanks, but for NYE he wanted to go bigger and book Killa Cam. Galluch hollered at some connects and says he was able to book the Dipset rapper for a reasonable $8,000 to come through and perform. However, at the last minute the person he was dealing with supposedly had to leave town to handle with some family issues, so Galluch ended up having to deal with Cam’s DJ, Moe Sticky.

This is where ish got funny style; the Village Voice reports:

The two agreed to pay one fourth of the guaranteed eight grand up front. “So I meet him that next day [Sunday], and I said, ‘Bring the signed contracts and I’ll give you the money,'” Galluch explains. “He shows up with no contracts, and I have the money. This is the day before New Year’s, everything is happening. Promotion has gone out, presales are coming in…and they show up with no contracts.” He calls the original guys he’d been dealing with. “Yeah, [Cam’ron]’s gonna show, give [Moe] the money,” they tell him. Galluch asks how he can be sure, and his fears ease when Cam’ron immediately sends out a promotional Tweet (which has since been deleted).

Lou Galluch hands Moe Sticky $3,000.

So the next day is when the party is supposed to go down. But when Moe shows up to the venue (Cam was allegedly outside) at about 3:00am, it still wasn’t filled so Galluch asked if he could return with Cam at around 4:30am. Moe agrees, but only after Galluch handed him $2,ooo in cash.

You guessed it. The party did get packed, but Moe Sticky dipped with the cash and never returned with Cam’Ron, leaving Galluch stuck in a warehouse filled with mad people, no DJs (since Cam was supposed to be performing) and loads of struggle with people demanding their money back.

Of course, Moe tells a different story, telling the Voice…

Cam’ron was supposed to go on a little after 3am, he says, but when they showed up around 3, “he didn’t have the money, it was an empty venue…He was supposed to give us the rest before Cam played. He said he only had 2k and he wanted him to wait until 4:30. You can’t do that, man, this is business. I’ve never seen that in my life. I’ve been doing this for years, I ain’t never seen that before. (…) He didn’t promote, plus he never had the rest of the money…put in the article that I said he’s a fake promoter.”

Worth noting is that Galluch doesn’t hold Cam’Ron responsible for this shady business, just his handlers.

Read the full story over at the Village Voice.

Photo: Cam’Ron