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While much of the Black community has shown support for President Obama, that doesn’t mean that everyone voted for him.

In an interview with the Huff Post Live, Big Boi opened up about not voting for Obama.

Speaking on statements he made in a previous interview, the Outkast member detailed an interesting experience with a woman who assumed that his skin color dictated his political stance. “I was leaving to go out of town and it was a Caucasian lady that was like ‘Yeah congratulations on ya’ll win last night,’ with an attitude,” he said. “Just to let her know I was on my p’s and q’s I said ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, I voted for Gary Johnson.’ She looked shocked to even know that I knew there were other candidates on the ballot. So you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

Johnson, won the Libertarian Party nomination last May and ran with Judge James P. Gray.  The Johnson/Gray ticket received 0.99 percent of the popular vote, amounting to 1.27 million people siding in their favor, including Big Boi who counts himself as a party member. “I’m a Libertarian, liberty, justice for all. I’m pro people, pro freedom, this is all about positivity.”

Even though he didn’t vote for Obama, the Atlanta native has nothing against the commander in chief. “He’s a nice guy, but you know the things that they’re standing on I don’t agree with. Anything that benefits the public and not just big banking, that’s what I’m with.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Big Boi speaks on the potential misunderstanding of his “Bombs Over Bagdad” single.

Check out the rest of the interview below.

Photo: Huff Po Live