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High on the list of things not to do is firing guns at police officers, but it appears that Frank Emmitt Nance didn’t get that memo. The 20-year-old Atlanta resident was charged with shooting a newly recruited police officer in the face Friday night, possibly resulting in the young man catching the fade. 

According to the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police say that Nance shot 35-year-old officer Reggie Robinson in the face after officers had been called to investigate suspicious drug activity. Nance took flight on foot after Robinson stopped him for a routine investigation. The officer quickly followed but was shot just a short while after.

Robinson was transported to a nearby hospital and remains there while in stable condition. Nance was booked on nine counts, which include possession of a firearm by convicted felon, cocaine possession and aggravated assault against a police officer.

Although Atlanta Police Department officials have not confirmed the facts, a mug shot photo showed a bloodied and bruised Nance after what looks to be a classic stomp down from the cops. APD spokesperson Gregory Lyon said that the department will launch an investigation to see if procedures were followed, but it certainly looks like the boys in blue rallied around Robinson and responded with vicious retaliation.

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Photo: Atlanta PD

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