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The people have spoken, and Shawty’s Lo’s dreams of reality TV stardom have ended—before they even started.

Footage of Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas show was released to the ‘Net last month, and received a truckload of backlash, including an online petition calling for Oxygen to pull the plug on the show. No comes word that it’s been canned.

A source revealed to Allison Samuels, of The Daily Beast, that the network has caved to the public outcry. Oxygen however has yet to confirm the announcement. “Under public pressure, Oxygen won’t let the new reality-TV series starring Shawty Lo see the light of day,” the columns reads. “But why was All My Babies Mamas ever given life to begin with ?”

The 36-year-old rapper his troth of children, and their mothers, were all set to appear on the program which never had a public release date.

Citing author Sabrina Lambs’s petition which was received more than 40,000 signatures, the story goes on to state Samuels’ belief as to explain the broader reasoning behind why the show is no good. “When did men of any color with multiple children by multiple mothers become unique in our society? Elven kids is a lot but by no means the record,” Samuels writes. “So what really was behind the idea for this show? It certainly couldn’t have been Shawty Lo’s very limited star power. All I can assume is that the network believes its young female demographic would be amused by the sordid lives of a Black man with a criminal past and the many women and children who depend on him.”

Home to the Bad Girl’s Club, which has drawn heat for the women on the show routinely engaging in promiscuity, heavy drinking, and epic fist-fights with one another, Oxygen is no stranger  to controversy. Yet perhaps the public has standards as what it will and will not tolerate.

Lo defended the program, and has reportedly got another woman pregnant.

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