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There’s a storm brewing in the land of American Idol, and last night it just about made landfall

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey’s long-awaited collision of egos finally went down pretty much exactly as it has been touted in the media for the last few months.

With 200 million record sales to her name, Carey’s legend status was not up for debate, yet she appeared to be on the defense. Given the editing there’s no clear understanding as to whether or not the mother of two was truly reacting to, or simply provoking, rude commentary from the Young Money Barbie.

After receiving a complete from a fan on her top-selling hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” a quip from Minaj found Carey reminding her that the single has topped charts for 17 years.

Minaj was seen pretending to choke the 42-year-old and commenting on the lighting in the room, a jab aimed at Carey’s diva persona. Carey responded reminding the rapper that she was quite pleased with her lighting knowledge on the set of the video for their lone collaboration, “Up Out My Face (Remix).”

While both women had two very distinct and outlined positions on the show, each did well from their separate corners. Carey further played into the diva thing by constantly saying “daaaahling” and throwing her head back; Minaj was the colorful spitfire sometimes speaking in a British accent, and willing to argue down everyone else if need be.

It was awkward.

There are two other judges on the panel but both have minor roles with country star Keith Urban cast as both the literal and physical “middle man,” and Randy Jackson noted as the “anchor.”

Somewhere in the midst of all the arguing were a few singers. We think.

Part two of the American Idol premiere week continues tonight. Vulture compiled some of the oddest Mimi/Nicki in the video below.

Photo: ABC News